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Do you hate cleaning but want a clean house? 

It is possible to have a clean house without spending hours each day cleaning!

The secret?

The Non-Cleaner Cleaning Club

The Non-Cleaner Cleaning Club is specifically designed to help people that want a clean and tidy home, but just don't have time!

We don't live in the 1950's anymore! It's time to re-imagine how to clean our homes, so we can live our lives, while still enjoying a clean and cozy home.

Why YOU Need The Non-Cleaner Cleaning Club!

I think one of the hardest parts of running a home is keeping up with all the chores.

It's so easy to get overwhelmed and then realize that you haven't cleaned the bathroom for 2 weeks!

Nobody needs to tell you to clean the bathroom, you already know you need to do that regularly. The problem is that you get busy and time gets away from you. Before you know it, you have a toothpaste crusted sink and a water splattered mirror (we won't even talk about the toilet...!).

That's where the Non-Cleaner Cleaning Club can help!

Each month you will receive the following printables:

  • "Daily Dos" cleaning guide (don't worry, it's super quick & easy!)
  • "Weekly Wham" cleaning schedule with a different 10 minutes cleaning task every day
  • Monthly calendar to give you an overview of your cleaning routine
  • Printable planner pages for your weekly & monthly appointments, to-do list and more - 9 pages in total!
  • Printable meal planner pages so you can finally stop the six o'clock scramble and plan your meals for the next few days, week or month - 11 pages in total!

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Tried & Tested Cleaning Schedule

My friend Maria had the same problem that you do. She knew she wanted her home to be cleaner, she just couldn't figure out how. She was working full-time, had 2 young children and never could find time to clean. 

One day she asked me how I managed to keep up with my chores (I was in the same situation - full-time job and young kids). Now, my house isn't perfect, but it's definitely "company ready" most of the time, so I was happy to share my cleaning routine with her.

We didn't see each other for a few months (you know... life!), but when we did meet up again she threw her arms around me and gave me the biggest hug! She was so grateful for me sharing my cleaning routine! She had gone from stressed and overwhelmed, to feeling in control.

She rattled off the benefits of having a cleaning routine to me (I already knew them, but I was so happy that she felt the same way too!):

  • Less overwhelmed and more in control
  • Not shouting at her husband or kids about the mess (or them shouting at her!)
  • No blind panic when a visitor is coming over
  • No more judgmental comments from her mother-in-law...!!!!!
  • Enjoying her home more and not feeling like it was just an endless list of chores and "to-dos".
  • Taking pride in her home

Well... the list goes on and on. The feeling of relief and control when your home life is in order has effects on ALL aspects of your life!

After Maria told some friends about her new cleaning routine, they tried it too. They also loved it! Very soon we had our own little tribe of "Non-Cleaner Cleaners"!

Simple But Effective!

It wasn't that any of the steps were hard to do, it was just finding the right time to do them. Maria and our friends just needed some help figuring out what to do and when.

You are probably the same way. You know what you need to do (sweep the floors, clean the toilets, wipe down the counters) but it's just finding the right time and way to do them.

The Non-Cleaner Cleaning Club takes all the guesswork out of your cleaning routine. Find out the exact steps and tasks you need to do and finally get your home in order again!

Stop feeling overwhelmed...

...Start enjoying your home again!

Sign up today and every month you will receive a brand new cleaning schedule and planner pages.

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